Doll Bassinet - Blue and White Bed for Your Little One's Pretend Play and Doll Collection


Introducing our adorable Doll Bassinet, perfect for your little one's pretend play and doll collection. It's time to put the baby dolls to sleep, and this bassinet provides a comfortable and cozy resting place.

Crafted from quilted cotton, this bassinet features a light and practical design with flexible handles for easy carrying. It comes with a soft blanket and a pillow, ensuring that the baby dolls rest soundly. The bassinet is suitable for dolls ranging from 30 to 36 cm in size.

Pretend play with dolls not only sparks imagination but also helps children develop important social and empathic skills. As they role-play and care for their dolls, they enhance their fine motor skills and nurturing abilities.

Suitable for ages 18 months and up, this Doll Bassinet provides endless hours of imaginative and nurturing play. Let your little one create beautiful moments of love and care with their favorite dolls.