Littlest Dreamer - Koala Comforter


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Koala Comfort in Eucalyptus Green.

Body roughly 25cm x 20cm not including the paws. Each paw is roughly 11cm long untied.

Koala head is roughly 7 1/2 cm in diameter.

The Koala Comfort blanket by Littlest Dreamers is created to be the perfect cosy companion for your littlest dreamer. Sustainably and ethically handmade from 70% organic cotton and 30% linen fabric outer, organic cotton fill, hand stitched facial features and dyed using certified non-toxic dyes. This little cutie is the perfect companion to foster a little ones well-being and assist in their ability to self-sooth. Small, compact and lightweight, Koala Comfort can travel everywhere with you with ease! The knotted paws on this comforter are created to be untied and retied  so you are able to attach you're little ones pacifier or teething rings if you choose.  The Koala is an Australian icon and each sale of these items gives back to the land of these furry friends and to the Traditional Custodians of Australia.

All of our gorgeous Koala Comforts come in a zero waste drawstring bag. Their arms will arrive untied so you can tie them yourself and attach them to any items you want. As these little friends are all hand made, they vary and are perfectly unique.