Littlest Dreamers - Rainbow Dreaming Wrap


This beautiful Multifunctional Wrap is a generous a 120cm x 120cm. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% linen. Only non-toxic dyes are used on this handmade piece and the design is screen printed.

The cotton linen blend is already so wonderfully light and soft to the touch and like all linen items, these pieces only become more buttery soft with each wash!

Littlest Dreamers Multifunctional Wraps have been designed with longevity, mother earth and her people in mind, each and every step of the way. The large size of the Multifunctional Wrap allows it to be used from Infant stages all the way up to adulthood! A soft cosy, yet breathable swaddle for your littlest dreamers or a scarf/sarong for mama!!

Our founder Anthea Marvell-Weil and her Partner Joshua Bird who is a contemporary Aboriginal Artist created this artwork collaboratively. Originally hand painted with watercolours this print was recreated and screen-printed by hand in India using ancient methods and modern non-toxic dyes. Littlest Dreamers’ “Rainbow Dreaming” design is created to celebrate and support all people in anyway they identify. If we have only love for all ethnicities, cultures, genders, and belief systems, global unity is fostered. At Littlest Dreamers we have a dream for all of our littlest dreamers, to grow up in a world that nurtures and encourages their beautiful individuality. The rainbow is a symbol that is identifiable worldwide as a representation of joy, love and happiness; these are the emotions we want to spread. In Aboriginal culture people are often represented with u shaped symbols, which compliment the rainbow perfectly. Joshua Bird has added his own style to the traditional symbol; he represents all genders and non-binary people in a soft and playful way to connect with the traditional u shaped symbol of the elders.

Littlest Dreamers embodies the essence of Australia, it acknowledges and respects the Traditional Land Owners. Littlest Dreamers treads lightly on this earth. Our high quality products nurture the owner and give back to the greater community. Investing in Littlest Dreamers is an investment for the future.

A percentage of profits is evenly donated to two organisations. The first being regeneration of flora worldwide, to support the lungs of our earth. The second charity aims to provide education and healing about the trauma of the stolen generation, here in our own land.

As these items are handmade the print varies slightly with every wrap making it uniquely beautiful! xx