Virtue Card Box
Virtue Card Box
Virtue Card Box
Virtue Card Box
Virtue Card Box

Virtue Card Box

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This box contains:


~ 38 illustrated Virtue Cards for Children and Families. 

On the front of each card is the name + beautiful illustration of the Virtue.

On the back of each card is the definition + 3 examples of the Virtue.

Cards are A6 size with round corners (105 x 148 mm (10 x 15) 4-1/8 x 5-7/8 in)


~ Information Card

Read thoroughly to help maximise the use of these cards.


~ Fridge magnet

Handmade wooden fridge magnet to display a chosen Virtue Card on the fridge as a gentle reminder.

(Please only use as intended and keep away from children under 3 years of age as it could be a choking hazard)

These cards aim to:

🌱  help raise happy and positive kids
🌱  encourage family bonding
🌱  empower children with the knowledge and skills to be the best they can be
🌱  make learning virtues fun
🌱  help towards building a more kind and loving community

Gift this beautiful journey to your child and family!

"I created these Cards to bring virtues into our homes so that we as parents, guardians and teachers are able to use it as a tool to educate children and ourselves about virtues in a simple, fun and practical way. Helping to bring out the best in us! These Cards are absolutely versatile, it can be used as flash cards, in your morning routine, as a topic of nightly conversation, or a random talk that can encourage positivity in your home.

 Although the cards are designed for families with children aged 5 and up (children who can read or are learning to read), I tried my best to create them with a wider age range in mind. No child is too young to benefit from the knowledge that virtues provide. The sooner we can foster virtues in them, the better it will be for all of us. I hope these cards bring light, love, and kindness into your homes." - Tuaine"