Littlest Dreamers - Turquoise, Blue Jade and Amber Necklace


  • 32cm
  • Safety knotted at each bead
  • Safety screw clasp
  • Comes in a zero-waste bag

The Amber necklace has been used as a natural, calming and soothing remedy, since ancient times. Amber contains succinic acid that is released through body heat and absorbed through the skin, creating an analgesic effect and easing pain. Finding something, anything, that can help the little ones through the big changes they undergo is worth a try, plus, they look good too!

The Baltic amber in these necklaces is certified sourced from and made in Lithuania. Each bead is individually safety knotted and has a safety screw clasp. Please remove this necklace whilst your child is sleeping. Each of our pieces are made with natural elements and so they all slightly differ in appearance.

For a little extra added benefit we have sourced some mixed amber and semi precious stone necklaces. This is the Baroque Cognac/Turquoise and Blue Jade Teething Necklace.

The striking Blue Jade stone encourages a boost of confidence and self-sufficiency. This is a result of a reduced sense of self-imposed limitations. This special stone gifts it’s littlest dreamer with the power to bring their dreams into reality as they ward off negative thoughts about themselves and can see themselves as they truly are.

The Turquoise supports wisdom, understanding and connection in regards to relationships. It is said to provide protection, good fortune and tranquility that is found in enduring love.