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Experience the timeless beauty of Fallon_ART, where every piece is a unique creation crafted with love. We are grateful that you have chosen us for your artistic journey.
Inspired by the challenges of the 2020 lockdown, Fallon_ART was born out of a desire to channel creativity and bring meaning to a world shrouded in uncertainty. As a wedding photographer, my goal has always been to create images that bring smiles to people for generations to come. Even in the face of a global pandemic, I refused to let anything hinder this mission.
Using recycled fabrics, paper fibers, and enchanting botanical treasures harvested from my very own garden, I embarked on a transformative artistic endeavor. By adapting to the limitations of the circumstances and utilizing the materials available at home, I created something truly unique.
Your support means the world to me and enables me to continue this meaningful journey. Together, we celebrate the beauty of creation, the power of resilience, and the art of recycling everyday textiles. Join us in this heartwarming and mind-lifting endeavor.
How to order: Simply place your order with a note on the letter, colour scheme, gender and whether or not you would like florals and we will do the rest. 
Care Instructions and Notes:
- For transportation, ensure your artwork is flat on its back. Avoid standing it upright or facedown, as it may cause delicate pollen and petals to loosen. If this occurs, simply open the frame back and gently tap it at an angle to allow them to fall out.
- To preserve the vibrancy of your art, avoid direct sunlight and find a suitable spot for hanging or displaying the frame.
- Please keep your frame in an area with low humidity to prevent rehydration and decay of the petals.