Littlest Dreamers - Mushroom Wrap


This beautiful Multifunctional Wrap is a generous a 120cm x 120cm. Made from 50% organic cotton and 50% linen. Only non-toxic dyes are used on this hand made piece.

This cotton linen blend is already so wonderfully light and soft to the touch and like all linen items, these pieces only become more buttery soft with each wash!

What makes this wrap so special is that this fabric is saved stock that is minimizing Littlest Dreamers ecological footprint and reducing landfill. The beautiful mushroom colour is so versatile and gender neutral. Minimal Mushroom Wrap compliments our Dreaming Wraps so beautifully and is available as a bundle option.

Littlest Dreamers Multipurpose Swaddles have been designed with longevity, mother earth and her people in mind, each and every step of the way. The large size of the Multifunctional Wrap allows it to be used from Infant stages all the way up to adulthood! A soft, cosy, yet breathable swaddle for your littlest dreamers or a scarf/sarong for mama!!